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cas, 24, usa. they/she pronouns. likes soup and kindness.


digital art commissions starting at $50 USD. fanart, original, portrait; must be figure-centric. additional characters and details increase price. prints available for small surchage + cost of shipping. commissions of this type are for personal use only, except in cases of fanfiction illustration. ideal art concepts involve queer expression, diverse body types, kink and fetish content, high contrast. check twitter for information about open slots.

art to be used for distribution, reproduction, advertising, resale, or other commercial use, or traditional art for physical ownership and display, is priced according to project and will not be reflective of above pricing structure. projects are taken on according to availability and are not subject to specific slot openings; contact at any time to inquire. preferences include human portraits, architecture, geometric, queer and fetish content, abstract monotypes.

writing commissions are $10 per 100 words, up to a 5000 word oneshot. currently accepting yuri on ice fanfiction requests only. strengths in romance, erotica, coming-of-age, transgender characters.

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for all art and writing inquiries, email here with concept and usage needs for specific pricing.

contact by email here for all other website inquiries. please allow up to 3 days for response.

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