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currently lists only locally hosted and in-progress works.
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Internet Safety

rated Explicit
Yuri on Ice | Yuuri/Viktor | BDSM AU & Canon Divergence
contains explicit sexual content and BDSM. may contain discussion of sexual violence, mental and physical health, and body modification.
Yuuri and Viktor meet on a popular BDSM-themed social media website. Yuuri is a nobody, posing for occasional fetish photoshoots but never interacting online. Viktor is a wildly popular lifestyle cross-dresser and ex cam bunny. Everything escalates way too quickly when Yuuri gets day-drunk and slides in Viktor's DMs.
in progress. updates first week of each month.

Legends Never Die

rated Explicit
Yuri on Ice | Yuuri/Viktor | Omegaverse, Scifi, Magical Contract
contains explicit sexual content and dom/sub themes, discussion of death/suicide, omegaverse themes, temporary major character death
Viktor Nikiforov never made it to the 2014 World Championship of Figure Skating. He disappeared, suddenly and mysteriously, only a few weeks after that Grand Prix, presumed dead. One hundred years later, his name still topped records; he was still something of a god in the figure skating world. And the man was just as much of a mystery as the circumstances of his death, as he had always been. It was no wonder Yuuri was so attached.
in progress. updates most saturdays.


rated Explicit
Attack on Titan | Eren/Armin/Levi | College AU
contains explicit sexual content, teacher/student relationship
Eren's best friend has a secret, his sister made him promise to try out for a musical, and a visiting professor is too attractive for words. Corsets are involved. Flesh-eating giants, not so much. Students and professors alike learn what it means to love and to be honest, and the many ways in which they can do so.
in progress. updates unpredictably.

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