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Internet Safety

viktuuri bdsm au

by cas nouveau

this work contains explicit content intended to be viewed by adults only.
proceed only if you are 18 years of age or older.

Internet Safety

rated Explicit | @ archiveofourown
Yuri on Ice | Yuuri/Viktor | BDSM AU & Canon Divergence
contains explicit sexual content and BDSM. may contain discussion of sexual violence, mental and physical health, and body modification.
Yuuri and Viktor meet on a popular BDSM-themed social media website. Yuuri is a nobody, posing for occasional fetish photoshoots but never interacting online. Viktor is a wildly popular lifestyle cross-dresser and ex cam bunny. Everything escalates way too quickly when Yuuri gets day-drunk and slides in Viktor's DMs.
in progress. updates first week of each month.

Be advised that this work is intended for those who are already somewhat familiar with BDSM concepts including practices and community.

It is not recommended as a guide, nor a fully realistic depiction of kink activity, though care has been taken to render the contained acts respectfully.

Also note that this work will explore, both directly and indirectly, many sexual and kink/fetish acts, some of which may cause discomfort in the reader. Included are frequent digitally-drawn images depicting nudity, sexuality, and kink activity. Please read with due caution.

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