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chapter 1 section A

by cas nouveau

this story contains mature content.

vicchan, wearing yuuri's glasses

katsudom 24M Dom

Detroit, Michigan, United States

orientation: bisexual
relationship status: single
D/s relationship status: brother of peachesandscreams
living: curious and looking to try
looking for: a submissive, a relationship, friends

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24, Dominant. 🇯🇵 🇺🇸
Dancer, gamer, model.

Peachesandscreams introduced me to kink through his photography. As his first model, he trusted me with his decision to incorporate erotic imagery into what was once minimalist dance scenes, and from there the shift to bondage and sadomasochism was almost a natural evolution for both of us. It took almost no time at all for me to start practicing complex ties and testing impact toys on myself and our furniture.

My work as a dancer keeps me busy even when there are fetish events happening, but I hope to connect with the local community here when I can and maybe find a partner whose interests match mine. Message me if you’re interested. Please note that I can praise and humiliate you in three languages.

Most of my photos were taken and edited by peachesandscreams, erotic photographer. You can view some of his recent work [here] and book a shoot with him through DMs or email.

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katsudom uploaded a new picture: 1 hour ago
yuuri, nude, in silhouette against city window preview of P’s newest series. on location in chicago again. love this city.

katsudom: have some time monday and tuesday if P doesn’t drag me off to a shoot… no events again so i guess i’ll be gaming all day. 2 weeks ago

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katsudom is curious about Exhibitionism 2 months ago

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into: art erotica, butt plugs, erotic photography, flogging, impact play, kinbaku, paddling, riding crops, rope bondage, vibrators

curious about: begging, body worship, discipline, edging, exhibitionism, obedience training, rough sex, spanking, wax

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yuuri, nude, in silhouette against city window yuuri, nude, face obscured, legs crossed, holding a knot of rope in front of his crotch vicchan, wearing yuuri's glasses yuuri in a red dress, holding a thin cane yuuri, nude but for a blanket around his lower body, in a self-tie with blue ropes

what say you to katsudom?

peachesandscreams wrote 1 week ago
Chicago? Chicago!

peachesandscreams wrote 3 weeks ago
yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu come back i miss you

peachesandscreams wrote 4 weeks ago
are you really gonna leave gia hanging? do you want a sub or not? he’s friends with EVERYONE

giacumonme wrote 5 weeks ago
oh my, what an ass on this one. too bad you don’t have many friends, everyone should have the pleasure of this eyeful. were i not already collared i might have to get on my knees for you ;)

peachesandscreams wrote 2 months ago
lmao u really posted your dog… he cute tho maybe he’ll help u get a new kind of puppy ;p

daddysstillalive wrote 3 months ago
jfc it was bad enough having to look at your butt in tights every day! i can’t believe it’s ACTUALLY that round and perfect

teddybaby_ji wrote 3 months ago
O_o um wow how do u not have friends here with photos like that

peachesandscreams wrote 3 months ago
just want to let you know that drunk katsudom gave leo and ji your fetlife and drunk P was too drunk to stop him oops could be worse but now you get to find out they’re into lifestyle cgl and large insertions and then look them in the eyes at rehearsal, just like ive done for the past year, so have fun with that! love you bro

peachesandscreams wrote 3 months ago
you’re coming to the party whether you like it or not

peachesandscreams wrote 4 months ago
finally posting my photos i see. it’s about time you show off Dat Butt

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