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chapter 5 section A

by cas nouveau

this story contains mature content.

Yuuri laid Viktor down on the bed, slowly, supporting his head and the small of his back. He made sure Viktor’s braid wasn’t under his spine, and kissed him — his mouth, his cheeks, his nose. The bedroom door was closed, the dogs fast asleep on the other side. The sounds of early evening traffic came muffled through the window with its curtains left wide open. No one would see them, this high up in the fading daylight.

Most of the times that Yuuri had slept with someone who wanted to be under him, they would try to prove themselves to him. Saying things like “I can take it” or “I won’t break” as if sex was a competition. It had nothing to do with power — Yuuri hadn’t had sex alongside kink with anyone other than himself. He supposed that most people wanted to seem more experienced than they were, especially if they had to be so vulnerable.

Viktor had nothing to prove.

He was openly a virgin, and seemed to take some amount of pride in it, as much as he desperately wanted to rid himself of the label and all its attached baggage. But Viktor was far from inexperienced; Yuuri had seen the extensive proof of it.

And yet, where other bottoms might have said “Do it, I can take it,” Viktor looked at Yuuri with glittering eyes and begged, “Please, take care of me.”

So Yuuri did.

He ran his hands up and down Viktor’s sides, feeling him shiver. Yuuri was gentle around his scars, though they were old and shouldn’t hurt anymore. Some were raised slightly, some were seamless to the surrounding flesh except for their lack of color. Viktor was taller than Yuuri, and broader; he didn’t have Yuuri’s athletic muscle mass, but still Viktor was not quite as vulnerable to gusts of wind as Phichit had once assumed. But somehow, shaking under Yuuri’s fingers, wide-eyed, determined through the tendrils of his fear, he looked small.

“Tell me if I do something you don’t like,” Yuuri said, and Viktor nodded.

“I will.”

“And tell me if I do something you do like.”

Viktor smiled. “Yes!”

Yuuri started small, a kiss to the center of Viktor’s chest. Yuuri smiled, feeling Viktor’s breastbone lift on a sharp inhale, bumping against his glasses, which Yuuri promptly removed. His eyesight wasn’t so bad that Viktor was blurry up this close, so he left the glasses folded up on the side table as his lips moved up, to the hollow of Viktor’s throat, then the side of his neck. Viktor exhaled slowly, shuddering, and lifted his hands from the bed to tangle in Yuuri’s hair.

“I like that,” Viktor said, voice small. “You can mark me, if you want.”

“I will, later.” There was already a small love bite on Viktor’s pulse point, from earlier, and Yuuri kissed that warm skin again, tasted it with his tongue. Viktor’s skin was warm, woodsy, the slightest bit acidic, with hints of coconut and cedar that Yuuri guessed must be his lotion. Then he moved to nibble on Viktor’s earlobe.

Viktor let out a laugh at that, shaking, squirming. “Tickles!”

Yuuri let him have it for a few moments more, then licked the shell of Viktor’s ear, earning a pleasured gasp, before kissing him again. This time Viktor’s lips parted, and Yuuri mirrored him, his tongue meeting no resistance when it pushed against Viktor’s. Yuuri could taste mint and a hint of Thai spices on Viktor’s tongue. He stroked Viktor’s neck; he lingered over his rapid pulse, the hickey that made him shiver, the thin white scar.

Then, down the center of his chest to his navel; Viktor arched high up off the bed, whining high in his throat. He broke away from the kiss and threw his head back.

“Sensitive?” Yuuri asked.

“Very,” Viktor gasped. “Always.”

Yuuri smiled. Viktor trembled beneath him and slowly lowered himself back down to the bed.

“Cold?” Yuuri asked, when Viktor continued to shake minutely.


“Scared!” Yuuri was incredulous.

“Well, I’ve never done this before!” Viktor pouted. “Not with someone else.”

Yuuri wanted to protest, but he thought of his own first time — fumbling, nerve-filled, terrifying. He had been completely unable to relax; it had hurt, because of that. Maybe the fear didn’t disappear just because you’d fucked yourself silly in front of a camera for years first. Maybe it was still scary, to open yourself up to someone else in this way.

“Do you want to stop?” Yuuri asked.

“Don’t you dare stop.”

“Okay.” Yuuri’s hand moved lower, his thumb just brushing the base of Viktor’s cock, already almost fully hard. With this touch he could feel the smoothness of Viktor’s skin, the stubble-free evidence of the laser treatments he’d mentioned earlier.

Viktor’s thighs shook visibly. He breathed slow and shaky, and Yuuri wondered if he might be panicking.



“Can I?”


Not panicking, then. Excited. Impatient, even. So Yuuri gave him what he asked for.

Yuuri gripped Viktor’s cock, his hand almost entirely covering what Viktor had choked down to size for years. Without warning, Viktor’s hips jerked, fucking up into Yuuri’s hand. His trembling continued for a moment, then dissipated, all the tension draining from his thighs — as if he’d come, but he hadn’t.

Oh. Yuuri, please, move your hand.”

Yuuri loosened his grip, but Viktor reached out and grabbed his wrist before he could let go.

“I meant touch me, Yuuri!”

“You’re so demanding,” Yuuri observed.

“Only because you’re not doing anything!”

Yuuri rubbed his thumb over the head of Viktor’s cock, and Viktor gasped. “You were saying?”

“Yuuri, please.”

Yuuri began to stroke him, slowly but with purpose. This was familiar, simple, and it had Viktor melting. He sighed and released Yuuri’s wrist, instead reaching up to make a loose fist around a corner of a pillow. He turned his head toward the side and closed his eyes; a bright flush spread slowly from his cheeks down to his chest.

Yuuri reached out with his free hand, touching the spot over Viktor’s heart, right in the middle of that gorgeous pink flush. “Are these healed?” Yuuri asked, thumbing the soft mound of Viktor’s areola. He didn’t touch his pierced nipple, not yet.

“Mm, should be. Been a few months.” Viktor mumbled this into the side of his arm.

“Can I touch them?”

Viktor nodded fiercely.



“Look at me.”

Viktor’s eyes fluttered open, and he looked at Yuuri out of the corner of his eye.

Yuuri wouldn’t have that. He bypassed Viktor’s nipples and gripped his chin, applying just enough pressure to show he wanted Viktor to really look. Viktor allowed himself to be turned, and his arms fell out to the sides, bouncing once before they settled on the pillow.

“If you get to make demands, so do I,” Yuuri said. “Don’t hide from me. Don’t take your eyes off me, not until you’re feeling so good you can’t control it.”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“I’m not asking as your Dom. I’m asking as your friend. I want you here with me while I take you apart.”

Viktor smiled. “Yes, Yuuri. Touch me more, please?”

Yuuri let go of Viktor’s chin and went for the nipple he had abandoned. He could see the skin puckering below the piercing, little wrinkles where it tried to pull the bright bud of his nipple back in and met resistance. While he certainly had his fair share of lusting over Viktor’s exceptionally pink inverted nipples, Yuuri had to admit the piercings suited him. The bars were perfectly fitted, rose gold curving delicately into half-hearts around tiny pink diamonds and pinching his nipple just the slightest bit. Just enough to tease Viktor constantly, to stimulate him as every motion shifted fabric against the exposed, sensitive points.

When Yuuri took the nipple in between finger and thumb, rubbing gently, Viktor hummed. His eyelids drooped just a bit, but didn’t close fully.

“More, please.”

Yuuri hadn’t stopped stroking Viktor’s cock, but he let it go now to rub Viktor’s balls, then slipped behind them to press against his hole. Expecting Viktor might have prepared himself already, Yuuri was surprised to find that he was dry, and almost tight, all signs of the fingering he’d done on the plane gone in the interim hours.

Yuuri rubbed the puckered skin without pressing in, just giving Viktor the lightest stimulation here as he leaned forward and took the other nipple between his teeth. It tasted strange, with the metal, but Yuuri decided he liked it, especially when the touch of his lips had Viktor’s breath hitching and his eyes fluttering. He gathered up his strength to keep them open, trained on Yuuri.

“Only this much and you’re already struggling,” Yuuri said. He kissed the nipple again, then sucked on it, earning a moan for his efforts.

“Yuuri. I can cum from this much.” Viktor lifted his legs and spread them, exposing his bleached, pink hole. “Please, fuck me before I cum. I want you inside me when I do.”

Yuuri’s resolve to tease Viktor, to ease him into it with kisses and endless foreplay, had held out this long. Something about seeing that pucker in the flesh for the first time broke him.

Viktor relaxed, and the tip of Yuuri’s thumb slipped, dry, inside him. Viktor gasped, and Yuuri withdrew immediately to reach for the lube. He wanted to hear that gasp again — louder — more breathless — needier

Perhaps taking care of Viktor didn’t have to mean going at a snail’s pace. He would be gentle, for sure, but they’d been flirting for months. They’d discussed their limits and desires as often as Yuuri could do so without screaming into the nearest pillow, and the past twenty-four hours may as well have been foreplay. Viktor wasn’t new to fingers in his ass, either, even if those fingers had only ever been his own. Yuuri could afford to move a little faster.

Viktor interrupted his thoughts. “You’re doing sex math in your head. Stop it.”

“Sex math?” Yuuri repeated, laughing. Okay, so maybe he was.

“I’d ask if it’s more interesting than me, but I already know the answer,” Viktor said. He rolled his hips, relaxed his hole again to flash Yuuri with the tiniest gape. “Yuuri. My bunny hole is waiting for you.”

Somehow, against all odds, bunny hole was actually sexy when it was Viktor saying it.

From a very thorough inspection of Viktor’s entire collection of lewd photos, Yuuri knew he liked playing with his rim as much as he did fucking himself deep. So after the tip of one, then two lubed fingers slipped inside Viktor with ease, he didn’t push further, not yet. Instead he just pulled down gently, opening Viktor’s most delicate spot up bit by bit as he caressed the puckered skin with his thumb.

This had Viktor moaning, gasping, curling himself up, calling Yuuri’s name with breathy whimpers. He was vocal, which Yuuri had expected, but never been able to witness before. He hadn’t tried to track down reposts of Viktor’s old videos, preferring to respect his decision to remove them, and over the phone Viktor had kept his moans to a minimum, mindful of the definitely-not-soundproof bathroom walls.

Here, alone, he could let go his hitching moans when Yuuri sank his slick fingers in to open him up deeper, and loosed a shout when Yuuri searched for and found his prostate.

Viktor’s eyes fluttered closed, and one hand let go of his pillow to clamp around his balls and the base of his cock, hard enough that it looked like it had to hurt. He choked off his cock, even as it twitched in his hand.

“Yuuri! I don’t want to cum yet.”

Yuuri focussed on stretching Viktor open, but he was still so sensitive. Any touch could be the one to send him over the edge, so Viktor kept his hand clamped around his cock, breathing shallowly as he tried to hold back until Yuuri was satisfied that he was loose enough. It was easy to open him up, as Viktor was more than used to relaxing and taking in things much larger than a few fingers. But Yuuri was so gentle, so patient. It was torture. His breaths hitched, his chest rose and fell with every shift of Yuuri’s fingers inside him.

“Good?” Yuuri asked, as if he couldn’t tell.

“Mm.” Viktor nodded. His eyes were still closed, and he breathed deep. Yuuri did the same, taking in the mixed scent of their lust and sweat and silicone lube.

“Viktor,” Yuuri said. “Look at me.”

Viktor’s hand on the pillow tightened, and slowly his eyes opened, focusing hazily on Yuuri’s face. “Yuuri. Your hands are shaking. I can…” His hips shifted. “I can feel it.”

So they were. Yuuri shoved all three in as deep as he could.

Ah!” Viktor shouted, and he squeezed his eyes shut in concentration before opening them, when he was sure he wasn’t going to cum. “Yuuri, please, fuck me!”

“You’re ready?”

“Yes, yes, I was ready half an hour ago. Please.”

Yuuri hadn’t been playing with him for half an hour, but he supposed time could feel strange when one was so overwhelmed. He pulled out his fingers (shaking, of course; he never said he wasn’t still nervous) to a whimper from Viktor. He lifted Viktor’s legs and helped him get a pillow under his hips, then Yuuri crawled in close, draping Viktor’s spread legs over his thighs.

Yuuri lined up his cock, then paused when Viktor started to speak.

“I’m going to cum immediately.”

“Oh.” Yuuri blinked, wondering if that meant he should back off.

“Keep going.”


“Keep going after I cum. Keep fucking me. You know I can cum more than once, so — don’t stop.”

“Oh.” Yuuri leaned forward, catching Viktor’s lips in a sweet kiss.

Viktor released the pillow to cradle the back of Yuuri’s head, fingers tangling in his hair.

When Yuuri pulled away, he looked into Viktor’s eyes, slitted, but open, his pupils dark and wide. Yuuri kissed him again, watching; Viktor didn’t close his eyes, though his lashes fluttered.

“Even when we kiss, you’re trying so hard. So good.” His cock bumped against Viktor’s hole again, and he rubbed the head up and down, smearing lube.

Viktor whimpered. “Yuuri!” he called, impatient.

Yuuri laughed. “Okay, okay.” He pushed himself up on one hand, the other holding his cock steady as he finally pushed in. His head pushed past the rim, and Viktor sobbed.

Yes,” he whispered, like he was praying, just for himself to hear. Yes. Finally. Yes!

Yuuri gave a small moan as well, and he breathed out sharply, sinking in deeper. Viktor’s breaths were shallow, his mouth open in a small O, eyes almost shut. He was very still, as if he’d break if he moved. Yuuri moved his hips, pushing harder, until he was all the way in, bottomed out with his hips flush to Viktor’s ass. Viktor squeezed around him, and he groaned loudly, breathed in through his teeth.

Only when Viktor could feel Yuuri’s wiry, trimmed pubic hair on his knuckles did he finally let go of his cock. He reached up to take the wrangled pillow in both hands, and as soon as he did, Yuuri shifted just enough to make him cry out.

“Wait! Wait.” Viktor squeezed again on reflex, making Yuuri gasp and grab at his hips. “Fuck, you feel better than anything.”

“Really?” Yuuri teased. His hair stuck to his forehead with sweat; so much for his shower. “I’m better than the gold prostate massager?”

Viktor laughed; the minute jerks of his body had Yuuri biting his lips together. “The gold prostate massager isn’t this hot.” Viktor’s hips rolled, Yuuri’s cock sliding slick within him, and he said, “You can move now.”

“You sure?”


“Still gonna cum when I do?”

“Heh.” Viktor took a deep breath; his piercings flashed as his chest rose and fell. “You might get ten seconds.” He grinned up at Yuuri, as if bragging about his quick release.

Yuuri leaned down and kissed Viktor again, both of them groaning at the movement. He waited until Viktor’s arms were around his shoulders, hands in his hair, before he moved, pulled out as much as he could without leaving Viktor’s lips cold, then fucked in. Viktor bit Yuuri’s lip, his whine grating. Yuuri did it again, and warmth spilled between them, Viktor’s broken moans flooding his mouth.

True to his word, Yuuri didn’t stop moving. He pushed into Viktor, fucked him through his messy orgasm and into an oversensitized bliss.

“Yu-yu-u-u-ri…” Viktor stammered with Yuuri’s thrusts. “Ha-harder. Please.”

Yuuri straightened his back and lifted Viktor’s hips again, knees up over his shoulders. He put his whole weight into the next hard thrust, and Viktor shouted along with his moan. Viktor’s cock twitched with the effort to stay hard.

A few more hard thrusts, and Viktor gripped his own hair, messing up the braid. His eyes screwed shut. Suddenly, tears leaked out of the corners of his eyes, stained gray with his makeup. He grit his teeth, groaned deep in his throat, almost a growl.


“More,” Viktor grit out. “I want it.”

Yuuri reached for Viktor’s wrist, and gently coaxed his hand out of his hair. He pinned it to the side of Viktor’s head, then did the same with the other.

Viktor arched his back under Yuuri; his nipples caught the light of the sunset peeking through clouds, gold flickering in Yuuri’s eyes. All folded up like this, Viktor was at Yuuri’s mercy, but he still had enough wits about him to ask for more. “I want you, Yuuri,” Viktor moaned. “Give me everything.”

Yuuri bent down low, taking advantage of Viktor’s flexibility to bring his knees almost to his ears. His lips at Viktor’s throat, Yuuri fucked him hard and fast, chasing his own orgasm, so close after ignoring himself through all the attention he’d lavished on Viktor. VIktor’s cock bounced in the little space between their bellies, leaking pearly fluid, dripping onto him, rubbing against Yuuri when he fucked in. Viktor’s legs pulled Yuuri in, his feet at Yuuri’s back pushing, holding them close together.

Yuuri met Viktor’s lips with his own. Their moans became one, transferred between parted lips and wet tongues. Yuuri let go of Viktor’s hand to cup his face, and Viktor’s freed hand went into Yuuri’s hair, fisting in it, almost too painful and holding on for dear life. The edge was coming on fast — too fast — and Yuuri spilled himself inside Viktor, moaning Viktor’s name into his mouth as Viktor gasped it in.

Yuuri lay on top of Viktor when he was done, frozen, revelling in the little gasps Viktor puffed into his ear. He let Viktor move his legs back down to rest on Yuuri’s thighs, but didn’t pull away from him, not yet.

“Did you cum again?” Yuuri asked. It was wet between them, but that could just be from Viktor’s first.

“N-no. Just. You came in me.”

“Did you not want—?”

“I did! I asked you to. I meant that it felt good.” Viktor wiggled. “It still feels good. Really good.” He reached down between them until his fingers pressed against his rim. He stroked the taut skin, then pushed in alongside Yuuri’s softening cock. ”Fuck, this is nothing like cum lube.”

Yuuri groaned, beginning to pull out. Cum dribbled out around him, the load he’d saved up for Viktor hot and thick between his cheeks.

Viktor scrambled to grip his hip, his ass. “Don’t leave!”

“I was just—”

“Stay in me. Please.”

“…Okay.” Yuuri tried to prop himself up on his elbows, at least, so he could see Viktor. He winced as his cock shifted; he wasn’t nearly as used to overstimulation as Viktor was. “Was it good?”

Viktor nodded. His hands left Yuuri’s ass, trusting him not to back out, and settled on his belly, rubbing lightly. “The best first time any bunny could ask for.”

Yuuri smiled. “Sure you wouldn’t have preferred something kinkier?”

“Mm-mm. That was plenty kinky. We communicated, you held me down and stuffed me full just like I wanted.”

“I’m not that big.”

“Shh, you’re big enough for me. And now, aftercare. Aren’t you tired?”

“Not that tired.”

Viktor pouted. “…Well, I’m tired.”

Yuuri snorted a laugh. “Okay, go to sleep then. I’ll still be here when you wake up.”

“And you’ll fuck me again, right?”

“Of course.”

“Okay.” Viktor yawned. “Mmph. Still hard.”

“Do you want me to…?”

“Mm. Suck on my nipples a little?” Viktor bit his lip, and his eyes opened wide, giving Yuuri the most adorably sexy pout he’d seen in his life.

Yuuri kissed his neck first, then his collarbone. He arched his back so he could bend to Viktor’s nipples, taking the right one into his mouth.

The piercing in Yuuri’s mouth was an unfamiliar feeling, the taste of it not only metallic but also slightly bitter, but it wasn’t unpleasant, and that little bar made Viktor so much more sensitive than he already was. When Yuuri applied his teeth, oh-so-gentle to the soft, pink skin, Viktor’s chest lifted, pushing into his face, seeking more, more, more; Yuuri twisted the other nipple between thumb and forefinger to give him what he needed.

Viktor’s hand dove down between them again, once more slipping behind his balls to rub at the stretched rim of his hole. “Mm…” The heel of his hand pressed against the base of his cock, and that was enough to get him coming again in minutes. A small trickle was all he had left to add to the mess that was already on his and Yuuri’s bellies.

“Wow,” Yuuri said. His head rested on Viktor’s shoulder, turned to the side, nose pressed to Viktor’s pulse point. Their bodies were entangled below, everywhere they could be, and neither wanted to move a muscle more than absolutely necessary. “It really is easy for you, isn’t it?” Yuuri marvelled.

“Depends. Most of the time, though, yeah. It’s not always the simplest life when the right breeze can get you hard and you wear underwear maybe one day out of a month, but for me, it’s worth it. I like how it doesn’t take a lot to get me to cum.”

“I’d expect with how much time you seem to spend fucking yourself, you’d get used to it.”

“It can go both ways,” Viktor explained, surprisingly conversational for someone who looked like he was about to pass out. “For some people it gets harder to cum. And for others, like me, you get used to cumming a lot and stop holding back.” He yawned again. His accent thickened when he spoke again. “Sleepy.”

“Go to sleep.” Yuuri kissed Viktor’s chin, and let him doze. He’d had a long day after all; between the planes and his little adventure in Paris, Viktor probably hadn’t gotten a satisfying rest for two days. At least Yuuri slept in his own bed last night.

Yuuri stared at Viktor while he slept, just watching. His face, as close to bare as Yuuri had ever seen it, was beautiful, captivating. His long silver eyelashes fluttered shadows on his freckled cheeks. His pink lips parted slightly with each breath. His eyebrows, plucked thin, the pencil smudged, were slightly furrowed.

When Yuuri’s cock finally softened and slipped out of Viktor, wet and tacky, he rolled off onto his side. Viktor followed, even in his sleep, curling up to Yuuri’s chest. A soft noise escaped with his slow breaths. Yuuri wrapped him up in his arms, those same slow breaths tickling his chest.

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